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Why do I do so much fanart?



Photo - Thistle by T-Weaver
Photo - Thistle
Thistle is a blue merle Great Dane x

What is she crossed with? No-one knows! Something not too big at least, she only weights 28kg

Thistle was picked up by the rescue from the PTS list. She was on it twice :(

Thistle is really sweet and loves a game of chase. But she's pretty slow to warm up. She barked at me for 30 minutes the first time I met her! She doesn't like strangers and gets very scared, her reaction is to freeze and get very low to the ground. NOT GOOD when we are mid-crossing the road but so far cars have been very obliging to the obviously cowering dog who saw something alarming.
She also scares herself.
Like, she was chilling on the floor earlier, wagging her tail then saw her tail and startled. Then sniffed and relaxed because it was just her tail.

She's not a mad barker - just when something startles her. Like a surprise stranger on the street or a really weird noise outside (they're rural dogs who just moved to the outer suburbs of a city, under a flight path and near a highway. Many noises!)

She really doesn't like men and can jump standard farm fences. Good thing for her my house is man free and the lowest fence is 6 foot 6. I'm bumping it up to 7foot5 tomorrow. She hasn't shown interest in getting out of the yard, apparently she doesn't really stray once she's out but I do worry something will scare her and she'll end up on the highway. She's a bit anxious about being alone and will cry. Scarlet is good for her.

She bit threw her lead in one bite so now she has a chain for walks.

She's responding to clicker training pretty well. She's a reliable sit, sits when waiting for commands and she comes when called from a moderate distance with slight distractions.

Thistle is very gay for Scarlet. She lactated for Scarlet's puppies, they sleep together, hump together, explore together, walk together...they're attached at the hip lol.

Alright dogs considering, just need a bit of work.

She's the biggest sooky smooch though.
Photo - Scarlet by T-Weaver
Photo - Scarlet
I love her nose.

This is Scarlet, the bull terrier x stumpy tail (possibly bull arab mix). Adopted her on Valentine's Day 2015 with her best friend.

The rescue picked her up from a very rural council pound up north. She was covered in dirt, extreme mange and many ticks. As you can see in the picture, she has pretty red skin and missing fur. That's because she was also pregnant and then had 9 puppies, so she couldn't go on the full course of medication until a couple of days ago when the puppies were weaned (by me adopting her when they were 10 weeks)

She was only desexed last week but turns out she's got, hopefully, a bit of a heat going on (and not something more serious. Seems unlikely, she's flagging a lot).

She's a bit banged up and I guess a bit scary to look at but I haven't heard her bark yet. She's really friendly, good with children, cats and other dogs. Although she did rightly growl at the one puppy who was jumping on her back - but she made up with kisses cause she's a good mumma dog.

Not trained at all, and a little bit stubborn (or easily distracted. Or thick).
We're clicker training and doing R+ training, after 3 days I can almost get a reliable sit in a quiet environment. Pretty good for an adult dog with no training in my books.
Photo - First play in yard by T-Weaver
Photo - First play in yard
Don't worry - they're just playing.

From their first play in the yard. I was surprised at first, but they just wrestle really roughly together. Scarlet is the leader and Thistle is the shy follower.

Valentine's day dog adoption.
Photo - Bringing the rescues home by T-Weaver
Photo - Bringing the rescues home
This is from the loooong drive home after picking the dogs up and getting their final checkup.

Scarlet the white and brindle Bull Terrier x Stumpy tail x we all suspect bull arab
Thistle the blue merle Great Dane x ????

Picked them up on Valentine's Day. They are /very/ bonded, couldn't split that up so I adopted both...
Two rescue dogs!

Which means I'll probably draw them a lot.

I'm too excited/nervous to say more.
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Why do I draw so much fanart?
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Terra Australis Incognita

I like to draw sometimes, although I don't draw nearly as much as I'd like. I like to idly move towards improvement, so critique is accepted.

I fandom hop a lot.
Two rescue dogs!

Which means I'll probably draw them a lot.

I'm too excited/nervous to say more.
  • Mood: Humor

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